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gothicmaine's Journal

Alt Maine
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This is a community for goths in Maine. Maine and Goth in the same sentence? woah... It's the general consensus that there are no alternative people of any kind in New England, and we should change that! I created this community in hopes that we could all get together and start something of a goth scene in our state. If there's a goth show coming up, post the info here, if you're having a party, post the info here, if you're looking to meet other people in your area who share your interests, post here! Anything that could help goths in Maine meet each other should by all means go here. Don't think you're a goth? Hell, neither do I... Punks, Rude kids, Ravers, Rivetheads, etc... anyone who could fit under any sort of substyle cattegory is more than welcome to join. Please please Please advertise the hell out of this community, if we want to start a scene, we need lots of people. So, hey hey, tell your friends and have fun! ;)
- Erica (holywater)